Shelton's General Bus Riding Rules

General Bus Riding Rules


We ask that you read and review the following bus rules with your child(ren) and return the bottom portion.


  • Single file on bus

  • "Back to back and seat to seat"

  • Quiet voice

  • Hands and feet to self and out of aisle

  • No possession/use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco products, lighters, etc.

  • No eating, drinking, and littering.

  • No Public Displays of Affection


  • Have coats on, backpacks in front of you

  • Know where you sit on the bus

  • Get on and off at appropriate locations


  • Hands and feet to self

  • Use of profanity or gestures are not allowed.

  • Fighting, shoving, or tripping is not allowed.


  • Follow all directions given by the adult

  • Use your manners

  • Respect property

  • Open windows to a level approved by the driver with hands, arms, and objects inside the bus.

  • Voice off at railroad crossings


Please return this portion to the bus driver.

Student's Name: _____________________ School: ______________ Bus No.:______

Address: __________________________________________________________________

I have read and reviewed the bus expectations with my child.

Parent Guardian's Signature: __________________________________________________


When misconduct occurs, the bus driver will make every attempt to change the behavior of the student prior to issuing a referral. In the case of serious misconduct, drivers will make every attempt to resolve problems directly with students and their parents. Calling home, assigned seating, and parent-student-driver conferences are interventions that may be used prior to sending a bus referral to the administrator. If the misconduct is not corrected, the following progression of disciplinary action will be imposed, although some infractions may warrant skipping to a more serious consequence.

STEP 1: The driver will make parent contact and depending on the severity of the misconduct; the student will be issued a bus violation report and the consequences may be from a warning up to 3 days suspension from all buses. One copy will be sent to parents/guardians and another copy will be sent to the school.

STEP 2: A SECOND bus violation report will be issued and either a 5-day bus suspension will be put into place or an alternative consequence at a district's official discretion. Notices will be sent home and to the school.

STEP 3: A THIRD bus violation report will be issued and either a 10-day bus suspension will be put into place or an alternative consequence at a district's official discretion.

STEP 4: When a FOURTH bus violation report is issued there will be either a 20-day bus suspension and a meeting or an alternative consequence at a district's official discretion.


A). District officials have the option to skip steps if the incident warrants more severe action, i.e. fighting, open flame, weapon, vandalism, inappropriate language directed at the driver.

B). When there is a substitute driver, violations of the bus rules could result in an automatic step 3 or more.

Our goal is to provide safe and reliable transportation. We need everyone's cooperation to ensure a pleasant ride for all students.

expanded bus rules

  1. Pupils shall follow the directions of their bus driver.
  2. Pupils are to remain seated and face the front of the bus and keep aisles & exits clear.
  3. Eating, drinking, and littering are not allowed on the bus.
  4. Profane language and gestures are not allowed.
  5. Possession/use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco products, lighters, etc. is prohibited.
  6. Unnecessary or excessive noise is not allowed, please use classroom voices.
  7. Fighting, tripping, shoving, etc. will not be tolerated.
  8. Glass containers, animals, large objects, balloons, and skateboards are not allowed. STUDENTS MUST BE ABLE TO HOLD OBJECTS ON THEIR LAPS WITHOUT IMPEDING THE SEATING AREA OF OTHERS!
  9. Students shall be silent at railroad crossings.
  10. Students are only allowed off at their designated stop without a bus pass signed by the School Office.
  11. Students must cross in front of the bus, never behind and must wait for the driver's hand signal.
  12. Windows must only be opened to a level approved by the driver and students will not extend head, arms or any objects out of the windows.

If problems occur, the driver will work with the student, using different methods to prevent recurring problems such as an assigned seat or sitting in one of the front seats, etc. If problems continue, the driver will attempt to contact the parents by phone to ask for their help, and if that proves unsuccessful, a misconduct notice will be sent home and to the school. The School Administrator or designee will decide on any action to be taken. Our intent is not to remove students from the bus, but to correct unacceptable behavior.

The bus driver has a very important job to keep everyone safe while giving them a ride to and from school. When students distract the driver it can make it unsafe and we have no choice but to impose consequences on those students. Please note that bus riding is a privilege and not a mandate. Thank you for helping us have safe buses.

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The Shelton School District does not discriminate in any programs or activities on the basis of sex, race, creed, religion, color, national origin, age, veteran or military status, sexual orientation, gender expression or identity, disability, or the use of a trained dog guide or service animal and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups. The following employee has been designated to handle questions and complaints of alleged discrimination: Linda Arnold, Executive Director of Human Resources. 360-426-1687. 700 S. 1st Street; Shelton, WA 98584. Complaint procedure can be found on this website under Board Policy #3210 (students) and #5010 (employees).

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